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I’ve been meaning to write this blog for a few days now, but on last Thursday (11/6), The Men’s and Women’s Swim team participated in a National fund-raiser called “The Hour Of Power”, which is a program that raises money for cancer.  The theme of this year’s fund raiser was “Cancer Sucks”.  On Thursday, Many Collegiate and Club Swimming teams all participated from their respective practice pools.  Starting at 5:00 we split up into 6 different relays (one relay per lane), and did continuous 50 relay sprints for an hour.  Prior to this event the swimmers ask different people or companies to sponsor them for this event, thus matriculating a profit that is all given solely to cancer research.  This was a really fun event to do, and the atmosphere that I felt during the actual event was very powerful.  Although it was very difficult, our team held together well and swam in good spirits for the event.  I feel that everyone gave it their all, and this proved to be a very moving event for our team.  I’m not sure how much money we raised, but it felt good to know we were swimming towards a cure to this detrimental disease.

Cancer is a horrible  disease that has effected an immense amount of lives, and many people that are close to me.  I really enjoyed participating in this fund raiser because cancer really does “suck” and any opportunity that I get to help others get answers to finding a cure, I’ll take.

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  1. It’s great that the team does that. Between this fundraiser and things like the raking/day of service today, I think people really should learn and appreciate all the good work our student-athletes do.

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