Getting from point A to point B…well sort of

Oh how I love the winter time! Last week, I was heading to the library with a friend and we had to body slam the door leading out of our dorm building. It was so windy, and when you add a little bit of rain or snow in the mix, it’s a blast.

I really do love the winter time. I love snowboarding, snow shoeing and throwing snowballs of course, but I could easily do without the cold temperatures and the wind. Everyday I ask myself, why would the blind chick choose a college on a lake, where it will snow ten feet and the wind will blow you around? Well, because I love Oswego, that’s about the best answer I have for you.

Sometimes, walking to class, my white cane will just fling up in my hand and it looks like I’m carrying a flag with just the pole part. I think I need ten pound weights at the end of it so that it will stay on the sidewalk when it is very windy outside. That way, when I am at a store, they won’t ask if I’m buying that mop, shower curtain rod, or fishing pole. Putting weights at the end of my cane will help me in so many ways. Could you see me trying to walk with a light-weight cane, with huge weights at the bottom of it?

Oswego is such a beautiful campus and city itself. It is so nice being in my dorm room when the waves are crashing and the sun is shining. Or walking to class along the lake and the leaves are changing colors, but wow do we get a crazy winter!

I’m so happy that the bus picks up and drops off right in front of the doors at my dorm building. This will be my means of transportation 100% during the winter, because there is no way my broken mop, shower curtain rod and I are traveling across campus in the snow. The bus is nice and warm, the drivers are very nice, and there are no snow banks to get lost in.

No matter what the weather is or how cold it is outside, there are so many things to do both indoors and outdoors, whether it be snow sports, or staying in, keeping warm and watching a movie with some friends in the lounge. Sometimes I wish I was down South going to college, using my cane in the sand on the way to class, but in all honesty, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

2 thoughts on “Getting from point A to point B…well sort of

  1. Maybe you could invent and patent a cane where you can transfer weight from the top to the bottom when necessary? Sort of like on-demand four-wheel drive?

  2. I graduated from Oswego in Dec, ’75. Our class might have been the first to have a “PJ” major. Good for you! I’m an attorney in private practice in Manhattan. Norm Weiner was one of my favorite professors. We used to try to hold out until Halloween before we put on our down jackets! Some things don’t change. Best of luck to you.

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