Scooting around Townsville

I have been pretty busy since my last post.  Classes are winding down and I have four weeks to go until the start of finals. Lots of papers! Fortunately, my last final is on the 22nd of November and I do not fly back unti l the 29th so I have a whole week to travel around Australia. My Aussie partner in crime, Meghan, and I are planning on taking a road-trip south to Brisbane. I have always wanted to see the Australia Zoo, which is just outside of the city. Of course, there will be plenty of beaches to stop and surf at along the way. Hopefully, I’ll still have enough time to squeeze in a dive on the GBR before I leave.

In other news, I am the proud borrowee of a snazzy 50cc scooter for the next few weeks! It has cut my travel time to work, well anywhere in Townsville for that matter, substantially. Granted I am all for reducing my carbon footprint, but in this case it is an hour walk to the rink and its not located in the best of areas. Plus, the bus system isn’t to reliable in Townsville and I’ve come to the conclusion “hail-n-ride” is a myth.

Now if I could just remember what side of the road to drive down…

One more thought before I have to head to class. The highlight of my weekend was by far catching a glimpse of Tina Fey’s SNL Palin/Couric interview skit. I had already seen the real interview, and I have to say, with all political bias put to the side, Fey’s parody is pretty amazing!

Well I am off to invertebrate…hope all is well!


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