How are you dealing with it, if you are at all? I know some students don’t even really miss home, and I don’t think that that is a bad thing at all; I think that that just means that they’ve settled in to their new environment really quickly, and considering the fact that SUNY Oswego is technically our new home, that’s probably not a bad thing to have happen.

I know that I am dealing with it, though. I wouldn’t say that it is to the extreme, but there are definitely a lot of things about my old life back at home that I am really starting to miss. Firstly, there’s my friends from home, who are all very important to me each in their own way, and I miss them a lot. It’s hard not having them with me since they were with me every day in high school! I think that’s normal though. College isn’t just one transition. Your life undergoes many, many changes that, for some people, just take some time to get used to.

There’s always some aspects of being home itself too that are dear to me that I miss. I remember a few months ago when my younger brother and I used to buy Monster energy drinks from Nice & Easy and watch episodes of LOST and pull an all-nighter, and then I’d sleep in until noon. Those were good times! I remember having my friend Zach over and staying up until 2 a.m. watching Sweeney Todd as he covered his eyes with his blanket every time Sweeney kills someone. I remember my friends Andrea, Laura, David, Mike and I as we took a half-hour road trip to see Pineapple Express only to be denied admission because not all of us had IDs, which resulted in us wandering around Wal-Mart.

These are things that I know aren’t ever going to happen again with those people until I go back home, and thoughts like that are what’s driving my nostalgia. I’m not going to say that I don’t like it here, because I do. I just figured that I’d share some of my memorable experiences from home, which we all have, most probably more exciting than mine.

I guess that it’s kind of like a bridge that you have to cross where one end of it is the life you’re used to and the other end is college life, and let’s face it, there are many of those bridges in our lives. There was the bridge that we had to cross between elementary school and middle school and then another one to high school. I think that the one leading to college has probably been my longest so far, maybe even my narrowest, but with every transition comes adaptation, so I guess I’m just still taking my time on that bridge, one step at a time. It has definitely been an interesting experience though!

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Hey, I'm Christopher. I am currently a graduate student in the SUNY Oswego English program, and I am also a Desk Attendant in Sheldon Hall (where I am also living). I graduated with two degrees in May 2012 - English and Adolescence Education with a Concentration in English. I substitute-taught in Rome City School District fall 2012 and then came back to school in January 2013 in order to obtain a masters degree in English, which I plan to obtain in May 2014. I love to read, and I love TV shows, especially science-fiction and fantasy.
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  1. You’re right about the homesickness. For me, it was the first two weeks or so when I really felt out of sorts. What turned me around was, interestingly, starting to work at the college paper. I literally made friends for life.

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