Australia…switching into student mode

I’ve been up to a lot lately down under.  There have been some unexpected costs with school so I picked up the pace on the job search earlier this week…I think I found a job at the ice rink in town!!  Of course I would be the one to track down the only rink in Townsville.  The owner and his friend also asked me to play pick up on Saturday’s and join their roller hockey team on Thursday nights!  I think I can bike to the rink in about 30 min, or I am going to try and find the closest bus drop off to that side of town.
School is going well.  It is definitely challenging me, which is a good thing!  I am taking marine invertebrate, the evolution and physiology of plants, and coral reef ecology.  I really like my Coral Reef Ecology class…today we discussed the current impact and predicted effects global warming and ocean acidification will likely have on corals reefs in the future.  If you are interested in snorkeling or diving in the Caribbean or Indo-Pacific I would strongly suggest taking a trip sometime in the near future!
On a lighter note.  Last weekend I ferried over to Magnetic Island with some comrades and stayed at a hostel for the weekend.  Not everyone was dive certified so we opted for the snorkeling route.  It was an amazing experience…the species diversity in the Indo-Pacific trumps the Caribbean!  One of the highlights of my weekend adventure was having champagne breakfast with a Barney the Koala at the Bungalow Bay Hotel on the northern side of the island.  A few of us also opted to pay a little extra to hold Barney…
Well I am off to be studious!  Hope all is well in NY!

2 thoughts on “Australia…switching into student mode

  1. It’s great you found an ice rink. That’s a knack!

    Looks like you’ll have good stuff to talk about for the President’s Breakfast … and future blog entries. Glad all is well!

  2. Kendall,
    I think you should bring back a Koala. That is the coolest picture ever. It can be our team mascot. Hope everything is well.

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