My first post!

Hey all! This is my first post on the SUNY Oswego Blog! Today we just finished our third, first-year orientation program and it went really well! I’m a Laker Leader (Orientation Leader) for the summer, and things are great so far. We have a great Orientation Staff and along with help from the administrative offices and advisors on campus, we have managed to throw together a program that most seem to enjoy! The Class of 2012 seems really excited to be here and have been wonderful to spend time with.

This is my first time staying in Oswego for the summer months and I am definitely regretting not staying here sooner! It’s beautiful right now! Today was 94 degrees outside, a little too hot for me, but the lake was amazing today. Day’s like today make dealing with Oswego snow definitely worth it! 🙂

One thought on “My first post!

  1. Hi Julie-Jo! Good stuff. Every time I see a group of students together in an orientation group, they seem to be having fun. Keep up the great work!

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