The Last Round: Advice to Freshman

Six weeks into my last semester of college. Where has the time gone? Just yesterday, I was getting ready for my first spring break as a college student. I was an exhausted freshman who was ready for my first year to be over. I look back and think “what was the rush?”.

If I could give advice to freshman or incoming students, I would say, don’t count down the weeks. Take advantage of everything  going on in this little college town that we are so proud to call ours. These four years of your life go by in a blink of an eye and before you know it, you will also be walking across that stage in May. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Stress of school work, friends, and the “dorm-life” is only temporary. Make sure you go to as many hockey games with your friends and cheer as loud as you can to show your Laker pride. Say “yes” to late night in the dining hall to enjoy those late night bites. Also, switch your major if you aren’t passionate about it, it’s okay, you have time. Most importantly, enjoy every second of everyday. You are only here for four years, so live it up while you can.

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