Oswego Porchfest 2018

The annual music event known as “Porchfest” has grown exponentially since its birth in Ithaca, NY in 2007. It has now spread across the entirety of the United States, and even into parts of Canada. I had heard of the event, but never witnessed it, so I took the chance this past Sunday to check it out with my new puppy Chief.
We took to the streets and started walking towards where it was held on the west side of Oswego. Gradually, as we neared closer to Franklin Square Park, we could hear the music growing louder, and the number of people in the streets increasing.
The first band we heard was “O-ryan.” It was two  guys, with only a few close friends listening, playing folk songs I’d never heard of. At first the music was scaring Chief, as most any loud noise does. Once he started to calm down, he began to the appreciate the eclectic and soulful performance that was unraveling before us. One member of the two man band quietly said that the next song they would play would be “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain, a classic. That song, performed live, I believe changed Chief’s outlook on the world, and got him so in his feelings he was crying about all the ex-girlfriends he hasn’t even had yet.
Band performs at Porchfest

(Chief with a new friend)

Porchfest had a totally unique and fun feel to it. It amazed me that anyone could volunteer their porch to be used for this mini-festival. It is a testament in itself to how tight-knit the Oswego Community is. It was also a great send off to summer as the fall season approaches. The echoes from the 40+ bands that performed filled the crisp fall air, and warmed the festival goers as they bounced from house to house.
Also worth noting was the “Love Volcanoes” performance. CThis jam band appealed to a larger audience covering songs from popular bands such as “The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The Grateful Dead” (cue tie-dye tapestry). I would highly recommend this free show to all music lovers, or bored college students looking to get out of the dorms for a few hours.

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