Thanks For Giving!


Thanksgiving is coming up in only a few short days. For college students, it’s the time to come home to family and friends, whether they’re one hour or eight hours away. First year students are telling their family members how incredible the campus is, while seniors graduating in December are preparing their resumes and are starting to say their goodbyes.

Aside from the home cooked meals and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with the family, Thanksgiving for me literally means “Thank you for giving.” It’s not only a way to say “Thank you” to your friends, family, and people who support you, but a “Thank you” to yourself. Without making it sound arrogant, thank yourself for making it in college. For upperclassmen, thank yourselves for making it this far in your career. You went out there to make friends, join clubs and organizations, get good grades, try new things, learn to cook and find happiness. Give yourself a pat on the back and thank yourself.

Not only should you thank yourself, but thank the people who helped you get this far.

I’m thankful for my family back downstate (err…somewhat downstate) for sticking with me during my time in college. I always take it upon myself to call my mom and dad every week and text my little sister whenever she’s bored in school. They’ve gotten me through my best weeks and my worst weeks. I can’t wait to see you all again soon.

I’m thankful for the friends I’ve made here at Oswego, who have all not only been supportive of the things I’ve done, but have also pushed me to do better and try new things. I’m proud to be a Topper thanks to the many different friends I’ve made at WTOP-10. I’m proud to be a writer and editor at Her Campus thanks to the girls who have been supportive of my work and have helped me fine tune my passion for writing.

I’m thankful for the professors and supervisors who have pushed me to be a better writer, student, and professional human being.

I’m thankful for my housemates this semester who’ve included me in their conversations and their downtime watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians and that reality show with the boats (I still don’t know the name of it). I may be the person who hides in my room doing work or is constantly running out of the house all the time (especially early in the morning), but I’m grateful to have such sweet housemates like you guys. We exceed expectations.

I’m thankful for the many things I did this semester, like organize the Intern Queen event, become a first year peer advisor and become an assistant news producer and reporter.

I’m thankful for the Oswego sunsets I was able to see and take corny Instagram photos of. I’m thankful for Dominos, my savior during the long weekends of doing nothing but work. I’m thankful for the Chai Lattes at Lake Effect Cafe that have helped me stay awake during the day. I’m thankful for the pianos all over campus that help me unwind and de-stress during my busy days.

Not only do I thank myself for what I’ve done, I thank those who have been by my side and have made me feel proud of who I am.

Be thankful of the things you’ve accomplished and be proud of yourselves. Find something to be thankful for, whether it’s your puppy back home or your best friend in college. Most importantly, be thankful of yourself for accomplishing everything you’ve done.

To all of my family members and friends, I thank you.

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