A Self Titled Life- Safest Haven (Day 7)

I think so far every blog has been about ‘my favorite day’ and then I get to the next day and have a new favorite thing. Well, I’m keeping the trend. Today was my favorite day. We went back to Kyoto (there were no deer, praise the heavens) and visited two of the most beautiful and peaceful places I have ever stepped foot in.



How does one even caption this picture?


This looks like a little smurf house by a stream!


The leaves on most of the trees are so small compared to a lot of the leaves in America. They’re like mini leaves.


I could live in these gardens. Also- there were no bugs and/or spiders. So honestly.. I could live here.


The first place was called Kinkaku-Ji which was the temple of the Golden Pavilion. The second was the Ryoanji Temple. Both of these places were these beautiful outdoor garden/trails filled with nature. It reminded me a little of central park and how there’s this big, bustling city a few feet away but in the park, you’re almost in another world removed from the rest. Even though it’s winter here, it looks like fall. It’s really hard to go on and on about this because there’s nothing to really describe if someone has never seen it. I think it’s one of those see it for yourself to understand it type of things.


I think the scenery around the building was more impressive than the actual pavilion itself.


I’m hands down the worst selfie taker. I really haven’t had a lot of practice.


This place was seriously amazing.


There was this little cluster of statues with a metal bowl in the middle and I banked a coil into the bowl on the first shot. It’s not as impressive unless you know that I have not a drop of aim. I’m hoping it means my wish will come true because I liked what I wished for.


What not to wear- Guard edition.
























I feel like this blog post would be kind of short if I ended it there, so I made a list of all the different things that are unique in Japanese hotels. One thing is that there are full-sized shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles in the bathroom. When I asked why (because in America there is no way this would happen) it’s because the Japanese people know that no one will steal them. This is a very honorable and trusting culture. Also, the peephole in the door is a good 5-6inches lower than it is in American hotels. It is probably to accommodate any height differences. In both the hotels we’ve stayed in, they provide pajamas for you to sleep in. Hmm.. what else. Oh! You also get a packaged toothbrush, toothpaste, and q-tips in the bathrooms. Last thing- they take care of the stuffed friends you bring along on your trip. (These are just my perspectives/observations from the two hotels I’ve stayed in, so I can’t say this about all hotels in Japan but just for these particular ones.)



I look forward to coming back to the hotel to see Hillary. I can’t get over how cute this is.















Side note- There is a different song that plays when the train comes into the station and the very beginning sounds like the opening scene in ‘The Fault In Our Stars’. Most people wouldn’t remember that, but I’ve seen the movie seven times. It’s getting ridiculous.


So apparently on Christmas there are lines and lines of people at KFC. That’s certainly one way to celebrate the holidays.


The Costanza’s play the ‘punch bug game’ but finding a yellow punch bug automatically means you win for the day. My mother finds one in Japan. She won. She smoked us all for the rest of eternity.














We’re heading to Tokyo tomorrow morning but I’m honestly sad to leave Osaka. I’ve had so much fun here and met quite a few unforgettable people. I really hope to come back here someday. I know that when I do I’ll have people to visit as well as places I know I’ll want to go. I really don’t want to leave just yet.

Bye Osaka. I’ll miss you dearly.

Stay Weird.


Current wish- That my suitcase would repack itself.

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