Australia in T minus 7 Days

Hi everybody! My name is Kelsey Thomas and I am a senior zoology major with a photography minor and I am studying abroad at James Cook University in Townsville, QLD, Australia this upcoming fall 2014 semester. It has already been a stressful process of filling out an endless supply of paperwork however this last week is going to be crazy! There are still so many things I need to do, such as going to doctors and dentists appointments, verifying my visa (which was not completed correctly the first time), verifying my flight, printing out all necessary papers, visiting family and friends, oh, and packing too. I am just praying that I remember to do everything. Determining what is necessary to bring with me will probably be the toughest part of this whole process! What to pack and what not to pack will be difficult but starting a week early will hopefully give me enough time to look through everything a few times over.

I have to say, I am very nervous about the trip. Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely excited as well, but I will be sad about leaving everything behind for the next four months. Learning a new culture and finding my way to classes is going to be stressful at first but I know it will all be worth it in the end. It does make it a little easier with Australia speaking English (kudos to those studying abroad in countries that don’t). I really can’t wait for all of the new memories and friends that will be made in this country. The school looks absolutely beautiful and the town itself looks nice as well, not to mention that it’s located right on the Great Barrier Reef.

Heads up to all of the Biology and Zoology students out there; I picked this school because the man I talked to in the international office said that Australia was the best option for our major. It is so different from what we have here and they do focus a lot on science majors. If you’re looking to study abroad, check out JCU’s website!

James Cook University

Townsville, QLD

Departure is in one week and now I am just counting down the days. I will be sure to keep you all updated on this wonderful adventure!


3 thoughts on “Australia in T minus 7 Days

  1. Hello Kelsey! I am starting college this fall and I am also majoring in zoology. I’m so excited about this major and it was great to see your post about Australia because I plan on studying abroad at some point and I always thought that Australia was the only and probably the best option for a zoology major. Good luck on your adventure 🙂

  2. Thanks Alex! It’s such a wonderful major and you meet so many people that care about the same things that you do. Oswego has some great classes that you will be able to take and there are so many opportunities there. I will be posting a lot more about my trip, be sure to check it out!

  3. Kelsey,

    Thanks for the letter and pictures! Enchanting! Of course we remember the Seven Dwarves and the Tunnel Rats! Enjoy your trip ‘down under’, and come back safe. If you’re ever in the area again please do stop by and visit, The Tigers all miss you. It seems that they think you are a gentleman of good taste and they hope to find out for certain some day.

    Kindest regards to you and your friends,

    Dan Munn

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