Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a holiday where one should just stop for a minute and think about what they have. A lot of people live day in and day out without realizing what life gives to them and it really is a shame. So, for this blog entry I want to talk about what I, Lindi Himes, am thankful for.

Recently, I have started volunteering at Human Concerns in Oswego. Not only am I thankful for the opportunities that i have been given in my life but for even the simplest thing, food! In my family, “it’s all about the food,” and thank god for that. It may sound like a silly thing to be thankful for, but some people don’t have the opportunity of having a family owned grocery store with endless yummy things.

Next, I am thankful for my family and friends. This may be what most people generally are thankful for but without certain people in my life, I can’t imagine where i’d be today. First, My parents. They have given me everything they possibly could my whole life. Just a simple shout out in a blog would not do them justice! Secondly, my sister. Aside from getting into dangerous cat fights when we were little over taco dip on her text book (oops), my sister has always been the perfect older sister who looks after me. (and she bakes delicious food!) Lastly, the rest of my giant family. Remember my Big Fat Greek Wedding? Well yeah, that’s my Italian family in a nutshell. I may have a crazy family but without them i think i would go crazy.

Lastly, i’d like to say i’m thankful for my friends and my derby team. Without my friends, I would never get into the crazy shenanigans that i’m best at, and on top of that have their 100 percent support. On my way out last night, my cousin Laura and my sister Mel were talking about what our lives would be without the friendships we have formed over the past year and a half. We couldn’t imagine it. And most importantly, no one accepts my smelly equipment like they do!

Okay all, sorry for the randomness. Enjoy the holiday! Cheers!


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