Watermelons already?

So one of my housemates’ boyfriend was soo excited about spring coming that he decided he needed a watermelon. After objections from my housemate Jackie, she finally agreed to go to pricechopper with him to get one. Now I had no idea they even had watermelons at this time of year, but apparently they do…. except that they are about half the size, haha. The preemie-looking watermelon was still a hit at the house, and I think that it reminded us that spring is approaching (finally!) and summer is no too far away. Everyone should use these few days that we have to their advantage. Have a “redneck cookout” on the beach, go for a walk, or a jog if you are feeling athletic, and enjoy the sunshine that Oswego shares with us on rare occasions during the school year. When the sun does come out it IS GORGEOUS, but if you really wanna see gorgeous check out our sunsets! Make a date of it! My reccommendation is walk down to Bevs, grab an icecream, and sit by the water and watch this amazing natural wonder. It helps remind be why I love Oswego, despite the pretty crazy winters.

check that out!

2 thoughts on “Watermelons already?

  1. so i read this all of the time. I really think you need to write something because it has been a while.
    jezzzz Leah.

  2. Hi. I especially like the 3/27 blog about Oswego sunsets. My husband and I met at the end of our Jr. year at Oswego, back in ’93. Our first date was watching a sunset by the lake while eating an ice cream from Bev’s. However, it rained, so we spent the date in his car (down by the lake) eating our Bev’s ice cream. 5yrs. later he brought me back to the same spot on the lake and proposed to me!! We’ll be married 10yrs. this September and we have 3 boys of our own. We haven’t been back to Oswego to watch a sunset in a while…but now I’m feeling inspired to do so. Thanks for the reminder 🙂 Happy blogging!

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